Local Resources from 2022 on Food Insecurity and Interconnected Issues

Food insecurity refers to worrying about running out of money for food. Income, housing, and food insecurity are all tightly connected. What is the situation in Peterborough, and what can we do about it? Find out more through these 3 resources:

  • Income: 2022 Living Wage Report
    Learn about the gaps between incomes of people in our community, and the cost of living. For example, Minimum wage, Employment Insurance, Old Age Security, the Ontario Disability Support Program, and Ontario Works all fall short of providing sufficient income needed to meet the basic cost of living.
  • Housing: 2022 Housing is Fundamental Report
    Learn about Peterborough’s housing emergency, and the impact of  treating housing as a commodity instead of as a human right.
  • Food Insecurity: 2022 Addressing Food Insecurity in Peterborough: A Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Health Equity
    Read case studies of people living on limited on incomes and how much money is left over for food after paying for housing. Discover how health inequity impacts our community and how it intersects with community issues. Learn about income solutions that address the root of household food insecurity.

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