3 Ways You Can Help Tackle Food Insecurity

Rising food prices and tight budgets for food are a common conversation topic these days.
Food insecurity means not having enough money to buy food. Sometimes it can feel like the issue of food insecurity is too big to fix. But there are things you can do today to help make an impact. Here are 3 great places to start:

1) Learn more about food insecurity. Visit “No Money for Food is Cent$less” for more info on the problem, the evidence for income solutions, and what you can can do.

2) Start conversations. Talk about food insecurity with family, friends, colleagues, on social media, or in the community. Check out this conversation sparking infographic.

3) Share your voice. Write a letter to your MP or MPP, sharing your concerns and perspectives about food insecurity. Feel free to use the template available here to start your letter.

If you are looking to make a positive impact and help address food insecurity, you are not alone. Learn more about the Peterborough Food Action Network to connect with others working together to help our community.

Empty Shopping Carts - Image from pexels.com

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