From crisis to continuity: A community response to local food systems challenges in, and beyond, the days of Covid-19

How has our community responded to food-systems challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Trent University collaborated with community partners in development of a report looking at the community response to local food systems challenges.  See the description below from Trent Grow Change, and access the report here.

This study heard from Peterborough-area residents and food support organizations regarding the ways that residents have been accessing and engaging with food during the pandemic – and how organizations have been responding during this time to food access needs. Impacts were experienced unequally among local residents, with more severe consequences for already-marginalized populations. Organizations began to observe increased food insecurity, housing insecurity, mental health issues, social isolation, and substance use issues among the people they serve. With limited resources and increased challenges, organizations quickly restructured their supports to safely address the most acute needs of residents while maintaining a focus on more sustainable solutions to food inequities.

A big thank you to everyone who has made this research possible, and to everyone who has shared their voices, time, and energy in working towards just, sustainable food systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.