Organization Endorsement Form

Web Form Alternative

If you are unable to complete the web form, you can download the endorsement form as a word document instead. By clicking the link below, the form will automatically start downloading. Once completed, you can send your copy of the endorsement form to the e-mail address on our contact us page.

    Endorsement Form Instructions

    Below these instructions you will find four input boxes where you can enter the name and e-mail you are signing on behalf of, and optionally, your reason for signing the charter.
    Upon filling out these text fields, you will then have access to all of the statements below, which are auto populated with the name you entered. There are then several checkboxes which you can check, in order to submit the form. Only one of the checkboxes is required, and it is marked with a *, as well as the word: required.

    I give permission to share my reason on the website (if applicable)

    A food system includes all of the activities related to how food is produced, processed, distributed, accessed, consumed and disposed of.

    Food charters are used to highlight collective food-related goals and values of community members, organizations and/or municipalities within a region.